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What would you put into a ‘professional survival kit’ for your work?

When I was working at the university, my entire desk was a professional survival kit.

I had, tucked away behind its black doors, the following

  • Toasty hand warmers
  • A mini space heater
  • A blanket (theme?)
  • An alpaca sweater (so warm!)
  • Tea
  • A can opener
  • Cans of soup
  • Snacks (specifically, KIND bars)
  • A USB-powered light-up Christmas tree
  • A tupperware pasta cooker
  • A full kit of make up for touch-ups/emergencies
  • An “emergency kit” for women with things like clear nail polish and band-aids

Basically, I was terrified of two things. 1) Being cold, 2) Not having anything to eat. The office was almost always cold, except when the central air overworked itself on very hot days and died. Then it could reach 80 and 90 degrees indoors, and we’d be sent home. (But only AFTER we hit 84.)

On the other hand, my office was at the ass end of town away from all the restaurants and I was paranoid that I’d forget my lunch or something and have nothing to eat on a day when work and the weather prohibited going downtown. This is kind of silly, since I almost never forgot my lunch. But it’s an extension of the food restrictions thing. I always have this worry in mind, even in my own house. Sure, I have cereal right now but it’s a mix I make myself from special GF oats and we can only restock those at the one pharmacy (specialty foods are medical in South Africa) and we rarely have reason to go there. So at some point I could run out of cereal and have NOTHING ELSE to eat unless my father makes sausages. I can’t have one of the 5 million wheat-based cereal/snack things Fluffy keeps in the pantry, and I can’t have eggs, and we don’t stock bananas, and yogurt is dessert not a meal, and basically breakfast is hell.

This went off on a real tangent.

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