An Archive of Growth?

Write about flavors and tastes or a favorite spice of yours.

I think my favorite spice is cumin. I love the taste, the smell, the depth is provides. That note of cumin signals that that particular dish is quintessentially itself.

Not having any to hand was really frustrating. I had to make chili without cumin!!

Back in New Jersey, I bought a big bag of cumin and kept it in a glass canister. That canister got packed, even though it didn’t seal particularly well.

After a month of searching, we found the box with my spices in it. The canisters had been wrapped in a single large piece of paper, each. The lids were loose. So I had to carry them to the sink to unwrap, and naturally wound up with chili powder and cumin everywhere.

The last dish I used cumin in was shrimp scampi. The next will be nachos. Yum.

Photo: Mark Morgan

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