An Archive of Growth?

What book are you reading? How did you choose it?

I just finished THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas. It’s an excellent YA novel about a girl, Starr, who witnesses her friend being shot by a white cop, and all the personal, political and local drama that unfolds because of it. It was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and went to a 13-way auction for publication. The movie will star Amandla Stenberg.

One reason I read it is the tremendous buzz around it, long before it came out. When an upcoming book gets (rightfully) lauded so mightily, it’s worth paying attention to.

More importantly, it’s subject matter that matters. I am well aware of my limited view into the lives of Black Americans, and this has been hailed for its unapologetic authenticity. Every character, every scene, every line of dialogue rings true. As a white girl from the suburbs, I don’t get much exposure to that. So is important that I seek it out.

I’m not the primary audience for this book. It’s really a love letter to young Black girls, affirming their lived experiences and their right to tell their own stories. Thomas had shared some of the feedback she’s gotten in Twitter–girls excited to see themselves on the cover. It’s heartbreaking and encouraging all at once.

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