An Archive of Growth?

Write about your siblings or about being an only child.

I am an only child. When I was small I wanted a sibling, to the point where I allegedly said, “I’ll even take a stinky little brother!”

There are perks to being an only. You don’t have to share as much (toys, affection, time, candy) and it’s easier for adults to spoil you. Some do so out of pity (fools!) and others because there’s no natural check in place.

There are also downsides. It’s easier to get lonely or bored. There’s never anyone to play with unless it’s been pre-arranged. (I’m part of the generation that didn’t run in packs around the neighborhood. I had the opportunity for a few years, but quickly realized that I preferred air conditioning.) There’s no one else to take the blame for anything.

On the whole I liked being an only child. I stopped yearning for a sibling sometime around kindergarten–proving again that nothing makes you hate people more than being around people. But now that I’m older, and my parents are becoming more fragile, I realize how helpful a sibling could be. COULD. There are no guarantees, of course.

So, I count my blessings and try not to wonder after what could’ve been.

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