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How to Properly Pack a Suitcase

First, you want some packing cubes. These are square- and rectangular-shaped bags designed to compartmentalize your shit. You can divide your stuff however you like–complete outfit for Day 1, Day 2, etc., or all shirts together or whathaveyou. Packing cubes make finding things WAY easier, and packing them into the suitcase is far simpler than trying to get a bunch of mismatched shapes to fit. Squares. Rectangles. Done. You can easily see how much room you have left horizontally, rather than vertically, which can be challenging. Shoes and other sundries easily fit alongside cubes. And, these bags are useful for umpteen other things as well, so make sure you get enough.

I am a major proponent of packing cubes, in case that wasn’t clear.

Next, I vote for rolling clothes into bundles. They take up less space, and if you roll several items together the outer layers are far less likely to crease. Use something you don’t care about so much for the innermost layer.

I know  these things because for the last several years I did an annual trip for work, as well as vacations, and last year there was The Move. I would be a wreck without packing cubes. And my dresses survived very well after being rolled.

So, compartmentalize and bundle. Those are my tips.

Photo: Matt Brown

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