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How Important Is Keeping a Clean House?

There are different levels of ‘dirty’, from bio-hazard to mild clutter.

Clutter is fine. You don’t have to keep a house totally tidy all the damn time. It’s a living space, not a museum. If you’re allergic to dust, have less clutter so it’s easier to clean up.

Not so much clutter that you can’t function, though. Have walkways. Be fastidious about the kitchen.

On the other hand, bio-hazard levels of mess are, well, a hazard. Clean that shit up! You don’t want vermin moving in.

The question asks about the importance of all this. I’d say the health issues are the most important. As for what other people think of your mess? Eh. I could care, but not enough. I’ll always have clutter around.

Photo: Chris Chan

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