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How Do You Find Peace in Your Life?

That’s an ongoing quest, isn’t it?

I take long baths. Read. Sing along to loud music. Bake. Things that take me out of myself for a while. Things that aren’t ‘work.’ Things separate from whatever’s going on in the world at large.

I’m lucky to have outlets like that. If the problems of the world came right up to my doorstep, I wouldn’t be able to do those things. My doorstep could look like Aleppo. No peace there.

‘Finding peace’ is a sort of first world problem. People in harsh conditions want real peace while they scrabble to survive. If you’re just stressed or dissatisfied or whatever, without real hardship, then it’s like ‘finding yourself’ or ‘being mindful.’ To be sure, the human living in relative prosperity needs to do some of this in order to stay healthy and sane. (We didn’t evolve to be prosperous, we evolved to survive.) But the obsession with ‘finding peace’–the commodification and commercialization of the quest–is specious.

Photo: Tim Green

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