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What are your favorite cartoons?

I have a great fondness for cartoons. I grew up watching Disney movies, USA network, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. On Saturday mornings I watched Looney Tunes–before quite so many were censored.

This is beautiful. A skunk sexually harassing and assaulting a cat is not.

I swear I’ve seen every episode of Scooby-Doo multiple times, and I’m not impressed with any of them. I kept the TV on for a lot of sick days and summer days.

Johnny Bravo has good reason to be suspicious.

As a kid I loved shows like The Smurfs, and Aaaaah! Real Monsters. There was an anime series of fairy tale retellings that I adored.

Apologies for quality, it’s a really old show.

I loved The Little Mermaid to death when it came out. I was four. We got the soundtrack and I belted it out all day, every day. Thank god my grandmother, who was visiting to help while my mom has pneumonia, was tolerant. (On the other hand, in retrospect, this demonstrates my grandmother’s high tolerance for repetitious music and divas…these days she listens to Maria Callas arias on loop. Unfortunately for the rest of us.)

Me, age four.

Then anime came to Cartoon Network. Sailor Moon will always have a place in my heart.

No, naked spinning Barbie doll transformation is not required.

Gundam Wing is still a favorite. A everlasting favorite that will not go away…

Mission: Accepted.

Right now my favorite cartoon is probably Beauty and  Beast. The last time I watched it I almost got teary. It’s beautifully done.

The tenderness in this movie KILLS ME.

As for what’s on TV right now, I watch Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and South Park. I am over the moon for all three. I’ve been watching The Simpsons since I was tiny (my fifth grade health teacher would clutch her pearls!), and they are like family. I don’t care that the show has been inconsistent over the decades, I still love it. When it’s on, it’s ON.

Best. Experiment. Ever.

Bob’s Burgers doesn’t get enough love. Because, unlike a lot of the other cartoons for adults, it has love at its heart. The Belchers support each other through thick and thin. Conflict is almost never driving  wedge between them, and if it is, someone is desperately trying to bring them back together. Tina and Louise are some of the best, most truthful depictions of young girls ever to be on TV.

13yo girl not shamed for her budding sexuality! YES!

And then there’s South Park, a show that  was too young for when it first came out. I avoided it until the end of high school and then became an addict. Satire on crack. I love the moments when the kids act like kids.They can be so intelligent and so worldly and then they think a killer whale is talking to them. Beautiful.

The high level satire is hidden in his moobs,

I love cartoons. I haven’t even mentioned other amazing shows like The Boondocks and Hey Arnold. I’m looking forward to catching up with old favorites soon.

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