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Do Photoshopped Images Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Looks?

I don’t feel a direct correlation. Meaning, when I look at the images, I don’t feel bad about myself. When I look at images of myself I see things I’d like to change, but I don’t reference the magazine photos. So I’m sure one must influence the other, but in an indirect way.

I am a Photoshop user. I am able to make the kind of edits you see in magazines. I spot fakery all the time. (Check the shadows.) They don’t impress me.

They do anger me. Women are not objects to be carved up and reshaped. The control these magazines exert over them is unreal–almost no one gets to approve their edited image before it goes to print. You will allow yourself to be represented as they choose, or not at all.

Bad enough that celebrities work constantly to make their physical forms as ‘perfect’ as possible, through exercise, diet, surgery, medication, and god only knows what else. But then they get Photoshopped and must feel like failures. All that hard work, that self-denial, and they still need to be ‘cleaned up.’

One day even live cameras will be able to make these changes, and stars will only be filmed when they can give the camera crew a copy of their custom body edit.

I’m not interested in photos smoothed and trimmed and highlighted into something ‘more aesthetically pleasing.’ I’m not interested in clothing manufacturers, designers, or magazines that perpetuate this bullshit. When you are literally reshaping someone’s form, you’re going too far.

So crop it the fuck out.

Photo via Buzzfeed

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