An Archive of Growth?

Write about what you do on Valentine’s Day.

I don’t have any sort of Valentine’s Day routine. When I was little my mom would give me small gifts and candies, but that petered out ages ago. And I’ve only had a boyfriend for V-Day once. We went to see a limited release movie in NYC, because we were both anime nerds.

What I used too do around this time of year, back in college, was volunteer for V-DAY stuff. I performed in The Vagina Monologues as well as another play by Eve Ensler, and I helped organize and run the lobby where we sold chocolate vagina pops. Sex positivity and ending violence against women and girls is important to me, so it was really great to do.

As I piece my life together anew, I’d like to get involved again. Maybe start something. It can be tough because most of the active groups are college students, so not much room for old fogeys. So maybe I’ll start the Overstrand’s first ever V-DAY group. Our logo can be a whale vagina. I think people tend toward being fairly religious and conservative here, so there may be a scandal! YAY!

Anyway, if you’ve never seen the plays, and these causes matter to you, check out

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