An Archive of Growth?

Write about how you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

I’ve had some… interesting NYEs. Definitely some adventures. Some wonderful memories with friends.

But in the end, I just want to snuggle up at home with my mom and watch Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper piss himself laughing. CNN’s NYE coverage is the best. Kathy and Anderson are friends IRL, and it shows. Every year she comes up with something hilarious and off the wall. She makes the producers (and Anderson) nervous. God bless Kathy Griffin.

So that’s my favorite tradition. Quiet evening at home with a glass of champagne in pajamas. I’m such a homebody.

One day, I want to go to Key West, Florida, and watch the shoe drop. They have a giant high heel that a drag queen rides sits in as it’s lowered. Those are my kind of people.

This year (16 into 17) I was alone at Wynnstay, on my own for the first NYE ever, and my first night alone in SA. The house is alarmed but I was still a little jumpy. We had some real excitement around 10:30. A car of three guys broke down directly opposite the house and they had their music pumping for an hour while they waited for friends to give them a ride. They all came back about 24 hours later to retrieve the car, and magically it worked. A NYE miracle.

This coming year I have no idea what I’ll be doing. Maybe I’ll be with family or friends or just at home. I don’t believe South Africa has a televised tradition, and we aren’t subscribing to any cable packages so I’ll have to see what I can find streaming. If I’m able, I’ll be up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Kathy and Anderson. And the drag queens.

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