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Mmkay, I’m doing this one because I’m excited. As of next week, I’ll have two new pets!

June(bug) and Ixi are young dogs we’re adopting. My dad is big on security-through-deterrence-and-inconvenience. Barking dogs are a major deterrent.

Last weekend we went to a shelter my aunt recommended, and picked out the two we felt would fit in best with us. We brought them back to my gran’s so my mom could meet them and approve.

June is a sweetheart. She just wanted to cuddle. Ixi also wanted to cuddle, but wanted to explore as well. Then she figured out she could hide under the bed.

This will be my first time owning dogs, after growing up with guinea pigs (Babie, Porkchop, Brillo, Belle, Reepacheep–not all at once, mind). I’m excited and also nervous to do things right. We’ve bought all their stuff, now we need to move in and get the house ready for them to explore.

I’m reading up on clicker training. We have a plan for when they immediately come to the house.

I can’t believe we’re doing this so soon. Eek!

Photo: Moi

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