Least I Could Do

By Ryan Sohmer & Lar deSouza
March 2010
Rating: W00T!!


Absolutely love this one. A webcomic that revolves around a manslut named Rayne, the kind of guy you should hate… but I think I have a little crush on him instead.

Rayne is a guy in his mid 20s, and he is a manslut. He likes sex. He loves sex. He likes to take home a different girl every night. He’s a bit of a chauvinist, but he also has an oddly defined respect for women. He has to like them, or why would he bang them? He’s a complete nutjob in a lot of ways, which is great for a comic. And yet he’s some kind of business genius–he stumbled into a job at a huge company and has been improving things since day one. This gives him a lot of disposable income, essential for the bachelor with a penchant for making his own Iron Man costume.

Rayne’s soft spots really come out around his young niece, Ashley. At first he had no idea how to deal with her, and he made her cry. A lot. Then they forged a connection, and now he’s her beloved Unca. It’s been implied several times that she is the most important person in his life. And, yes, that includes advising her to not date guys like him.

He’s also got some heroics in him. Go figure.

Rayne’s friends and family make up the rest of the cast, and they’re also great. They put up with his madness, but love him anyway. They can all help or hurt each other. Self-involved Rayne doesn’t like the cameras following anyone who is Not Him, but they get their time in the spotlight, too.

I think I picked a good week to start reading. Though the comic was essentially frozen in time for a long while, the writer and artist have unfrozen them and now their lives are progressing. Noel has even gotten married… and I think this week may herald the announcement of a new cast member-to-be. We’ll see if I’m right.

Anyway, it’s hilarious, and I love it. The art is great, the writing is awesome, the plots are fun. Definitely a fave.