Whom God Would Destroy

[amazonify]0578018896:right[/amazonify]By Commander Pants
October 2009
Rating: Fun

What could be more appropriate than to talk about god and mental illness? Even better, how about people who aren’t as ill as they seem?

Commander Pants (yes, that’s his nom de plume) has written a novel that cleverly forces one to question human nature while making us laugh. Reminiscent of Douglas Adams’ works, Whom God Would Destroy is good satire. Not for the devout or humorless.

Oliver is an outreach counselor for a mental health clinic. His job is to visit patients who live independent of the facility, check up on their progress, give them some coaching, and make sure they get their medication. He’s not too bad at his job and he rather likes it, but life is definitely a bit slow and depressing. Dealing with people who insist aliens are listening to them, or switch personas in the middle of conversations, can do that to you.

Then Jeremy arrives. Jeremy of the golden voice and the ringing bell that brings serenity to all who hear it. He opens a New Age store and starts up a public access show to spread his message. A message that captivates, and inspires. Oliver is drawn to him, and Jeremy sees that it is good.

Slowly, Jeremy brings more and more people under his influence. The people in Oliver’s world seem to be spinning out of control, going off their meds, inventing crazy things, impersonating people… Sometimes all you really need is to get your rocks off.

It’s a lot of fun, and I’m passing it on. There are some problem areas that an editor could help to straighten out, but on the whole, very enjoyable.

Mission Accomplished, Commander.

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