Girls With Slingshots

desktop_twogirls1024x768By Danielle Corsetto
July 2009
Rating: Squee!

GWS is one of those comics that’s been around for years and often pops up when you’re reading other comics. It took me a long time to get around to it for some reason. Something Positive is doing a crossover, though, so I gave it a shot. And omigod perfect for me.

Hazel is a crabby redhead. Jamie is her busty best friend. McPedro is a cactus who only talks when Hazel’s been drinking. …which is a lot. ¬†They and the other silly characters are living in contemporary times. The economy kinda sucks, and they’re turning into adults.

They’re also rude, rude, awesome chicks. They lourve their vibrators, they like to talk about sex, and the girls even form the Empowered Vagina Brigade to encourage confidence and freedom! YAY VAGINA JOKES!

The cast is great and the writing is a great mix between whacky comic and real life.

I’m in love.

Girls With Slingshots #470

Girls With Slingshots #470

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